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About Priority One Process Servers

Priority One is a family owned and operated business offering our services within Kelowna, BC and the Central Okanagan.

At Priority One Process Servers Ltd., we are always available to try new challenges and pride ourselves on being able to complete difficult work where others fail.

Always available for RUSH SERVICES and take pride in getting the job done, whatever it takes.

At Priority One Process Servers Ltd. You Can Expect:

  • Prompt and Economical Serving Services
  • Proper and Efficient Service w/ Affidavits to confirm serving has been completed.
  • Service Affidavits returned before the expected date.
  • Prompt notice from our servers when a delay has occurred or is expected to occur.
  • When Rush service is expected you will receive an IMMEDIATE callback.
  • All Services include, free of charge, pick up of documents and return of Affidavit of service.
  • We offer the best service at unbeatable prices in Kelowna and the Central Okanagan. Guaranteed!

Priority One Services

When it comes to serving important legal documents, your satisfaction is paramount.

Our Kelowna based process servers provide communication that is second to none and our rates are the best in the Central Okanagan!

Add Applicable GST
$30 per additional attempt for in town documents.

View our fees here.

  • Free Document Pick-Up & Document Return
  • Immediate Confirmation of Receipt of Assignment
  • Delivery Attempt/Successful Service
  • Affidavit
  • Access to updates and billing
  • Easy and frequent communication
  • Mileage, Fuel Surcharges, Travel Times & Wait Times
  • Confirmation of Delivery by Email, Phone, Text, or Fax
  • Preparing Affidavit of Service

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a process server?

A process server is a person who serves (delivers) court documents such as Statements of Claim, summons, writs, subpoenas, complaints and other legal documents upon an opposing party (e.g., a defendant or an individual involved in a court case).

Does a process server need to follow any specific rules of service?

A process server must serve documents in strict accordance with the legislation in the area of service. This may mean handing the documents to the defendant personally or sub-serving to someone in the same household/business. Once the documents are delivered, the process server must provide court notarized proof that the papers were served (e.g., Affidavit of Service or Proof of Service) to the requesting party.

What are the advantages of using a professional process server?

  • Have access to a wide network of other process servers thereby being able to easily get papers served in areas other than your local jurisdiction
  • Have tools available to locate subjects when needed (skip trace)
  • Are independent and not a party to the proceedings in question and thereby have no vested interest in the proceeding or its outcome. This allows them to remain impartial while doing the job they have been tasked with.

What kind of documents do you serve?

We will serve virtually all kinds of documents whether you represent a firm or are self-represented. Typical documents we serve include, Statements of Claim, Civic Court, Small Claims Court, Criminal Court, Provincial Court, Superior Court, Tenancy Branch Notices of Examination, Judgments, Subpoenas, Notices of Garnishment, Summons to Witness, Defendant’s Claims, Family Court Notices, Demand Letters and much more.

Who do you serve?

Our process servers work all over Kelowna and surrounding areas. We serve law firms, individuals, tenants, government institutions, corporations and businesses.

What is an affidavit of service?

An affidavit of service is a legal document completed by your process server outlining where, when and on whom the documents, summonses etc. were served. The affidavit is sworn before and signed by a lawyer, notary public, justice of the peace or commissioner of oaths. Affidavits of service must be completed properly, signed and filed in court before the court will acknowledge that a given person has been served and must, therefore, attend court. An affidavit of service is necessary to prove service of documents.

Do you provide an affidavit of service?

Yes, our local Kelowna process serving fees include an affidavit of service. Affidavits of service are sworn and signed before a notary public. The cost of this is covered within our standard fee. The affidavit is needed to prove the documents were served upon the opposing party.

How do I send my documents to you?

We provide free pick up of documents within Kelowna but you may also send us copies by email, post or courier. We encourage repeat clients to contact us for a login to our client portal for easy and secure document upload.

Why should I hire a process server and not serve legal documents myself?

In Small Claims Court, Family Court, Provincial Court, and Supreme Court it is to your benefit to hire a professional process server to serve your Plaintiff’s Claim or Statement of Claim. Often, Judges will recognize the process server and will believe that the document was served in a proper manner. Should you try and serve the Plaintiff’s Claim yourself, and the Defendant disputes service, you may have a more difficult time proving you did serve it.

Defendants will react unpredictably when being served a legal document as Court can be an intimidating ordeal to learn about. Having a professional serve your Plaintiff’s Claim for you will eliminate animosity between yourself and the defendant and ensure both sides of the dispute save face.

How long does service take?

We guarantee the first attempt within two business days after receiving your documents. Follow-up attempts are made quickly afterwards on a strategic basis. We will attempt service at various times depending on the defendant and when they are most likely to be present.

Should you have a rush case, we are happy to accommodate your needs.

What if the party can’t be served?

Our process servers keep detailed records of attempted service including dates, times and locations. If a party is attempting to avoid service, a motion for substituted service may need to be filed. We can provide the necessary information and affidavit to establish the effort that has been made attempting service.

What payment methods do you accept?

If paying by EMT please send to [email protected]
Please make the secret password: served
Be sure to include the invoice number in the memos section
Credit Card:
Please click the “pay now” button attached to the invoice
Please make your cheque payable to “Priority One Process Servers LTD.”, be sure to also include your invoice number in the memos section
Mailing Address:
101-1865 Dilworth Drive #364
Kelowna, BC V1Y 9T1
We accept cash payments in person

Service Area

We Service Kelowna and central Okanagan areas including:

  • Lake Country
  • Kelowna
  • West Kelowna
  • Peachland
  • Summerland
  • Penticton
  • Oliver
  • Osoyoos

Please contact us if your area is not listed above and we would be more than happy to quote you!



  • Free Document Pick-Up & Document Return
  • Immediate Confirmation of Receipt of Assignment
  • Delivery Attempt/Successful Service
  • Confirmation of Delivery by Email or Text
  • Preparing Affidavit of Service
  • Affidavit
  • Access to updates and billing
  • Easy and frequent communication
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$120 – Lake Country
$110  –  Kelowna
$120  –  West Kelowna
$140 – Peachland
$160 – Summerland
$170 – Penticton
In town additional attempts $40
Out of town additional attempts half the cost of initial service
Additional service at same location $60
Out of province notary fee $60
Filing document at courthouse $30
Rush fee $40


D Trick
D Trick
19:42 11 Jul 24
Incredible service, professional, and affordable. Highly recommend Danielle for anyone who wants documents served quickly and effectively.
Ghazal Shaloodegi
Ghazal Shaloodegi
18:19 16 May 24
I was quite anxious about serving court documents, especially after a few failed attempts. Danielle's efficiency and professionalism changed everything. She took the documents from me and successfully served them on the same day, making the whole experience stress-free. Her help was invaluable, and I highly recommend her.
Teresa Brom
Teresa Brom
20:56 15 May 24
Great experience dealing with this company. I had a very frustrating time trying to serve someone court documents who was evading me. One call to this company, and the job was done within a few days. Took all the stress away! Very professional service and I would highly recommend.
Stephen Renner
Stephen Renner
18:47 19 Apr 24
I was nervous about the whole process of having to have court documents served. Danielle made the entire process as easy as can be which alleviated my anxiety. I gave her the documents and she served them the same day.
Tiara Norman
Tiara Norman
05:06 05 Jan 24
Danielle was very quick to respond to me and very helpful. Through a difficult time, she made sure to have things taken care of and went above and beyond despite an error that was not her fault.
Donna Elliott
Donna Elliott
01:56 30 Nov 23
This was our first time using this type of service and we were so impressed by the perseverance and professionalism of the Priority One rep that we worked with. Highly recommend this business!
Brittany Voigt
Brittany Voigt
20:57 17 Oct 23
Danielle is very professional and efficient! I would highly recommend her services.
Sasha MacDonell
Sasha MacDonell
15:39 14 Jul 23
All I can say is wow! The service provided was beyond my expectations.Danielle was quick to respond, so helpful, answered all my questions thoroughly and handled this matter quicker than I even expected! I am so grateful for the level of professionalism. She made this process quick and painless. Many Thanks!
Arv Louis
Arv Louis
01:17 05 Jul 23
Excellent, professional and fast service. Thank you!
18:23 26 Jun 23
Efficient service, kind to deal with and very helpful with additional information. Thank you
Randy Gardhouse
Randy Gardhouse
01:33 13 Apr 23
I am very happy with the service offered. Very professional. And complete the job well within excepted time.
Jim Saunders
Jim Saunders
14:56 17 Feb 23
I recently had to use a server of documents in Kelowna and I was happy that I chose Priority one to handle the documents. They were professional in their service and got the job done properly and promptly. I would not hesitate to use them again and would highlyrecommend them Jim
Christina Marie
Christina Marie
03:34 24 Nov 22
I highly recommend this company! I have hired Danielle twice now, and found her to be prompt, professional and knowledgeable.
Andrew Lauman
Andrew Lauman
15:34 15 Sep 22
Danielle is excellent and is fantastic to work with. If you want someone to help you work through the legal system, Priority One is the company to work with.
Sean Furze
Sean Furze
00:30 08 Sep 22
I have used the services of this company twice now and have been pleased with the professionalism, the friendly, respectful and objective rapport.I would highly recommend this company to anyone. A great stress relief with serving documents. Thank you again folks
Rob McMillan
Rob McMillan
19:44 07 Sep 22
Thank you for being so quick in responses and action, for clear directions and communication! It was a great relief to have my documents reliably and timely served.
Jon Simcoe
Jon Simcoe
17:05 05 Sep 22
Very helpful through the entire process. Answered all questions and provided updates during the process.
foundme now
foundme now
16:27 09 Aug 22
Excellent service from Danielle at Priority and friendly. I needed something done in a timely manner and really happy with how things turned out. Thank you!
Chelsey Grosch
Chelsey Grosch
17:56 27 Jul 22
Quick, efficient service. Great communication. Easy and secure payment options. Will definitely use again and recommend!
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